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'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Promo - Sticky Post

 All Updates from "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" World Promo

Berlin Promo

Berlin Premiere

Master Post - HQ pictures from the red carpet, on the balcony, leaving the premiere, fan pictures and videos from the premiere.
Red Carpet Interviews - Movie Pilot, Livestream, Julie the Movie Girl and MSN.

Berlin Press Conference

Press Conference - Videos of full press conference, HQ pictures & transcript


Bowling in Berlin - Pictures of Rob, Kristen & Taylor going bowling in Berlin
Arriving in Berlin - Picture of Rob & Kristen arriving in Berlin

Press Junket
Bravo TV
VIP.DE - Rob
Madchen - Rob
Prosieben - Kristen

Madrid Promo

Madrid Premiere

Master Post - HQ pictures from the red carpet and HQ pictures leaving the premiere
Red Carpet Interviews - Europa Press and livestream interviews
Videos - Fan videos from inside the theatre and the red carpet

Madrid Press Conference

Press Conference - HQ pictures from the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Madrid Press Conference

London Promo

UK Premiere

Master Post - HQ pictures, fan pictures and video from the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' UK premiere
Arriving/Leaving the premiere - HQ pictures of Rob & Kristen arriving and leaving the premiere
Video & Fan Pics - Video & fan pics from inside the theatre.


Red Carpet Interviews - HeyUGuys, Livestream, Absolute Radio, BBC, ITV, Sky News, ITN, ZoominUK, 4Music, OMG Yahoo, MSN and Marie Clare.
RTÉ (Ireland) - Rob says hi to Irish fans

London Press Junket

LA Premiere


Master Post - HQ pics & videos from the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' world 
After Party - HQ pictures of Rob of Kristen at the after party and fan pictures of Rob.
More New HQ Pics - More new HQ pictures of Rob and Kristen at the world premiere
Red Carpet Interviews - Interviews with MTV, Clevver TV, Screenslam, Telegraph, Zoominuk, Metro World News and E! News + DL link for MTV interviews.

US Promo


NEW New Portraits of Kristen - 73 HQ portraits of Kristen from the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' LA Press Junket.
New Portrait of Kristen - New portrait of Kristen from the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' LA Press Junket.
Kristen and Stephanie - New portraits of Kristen and Stephanie Meyer
More Portraits from the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Press Conference - More HQ portraits of Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Bill Condon.
More Portraits of Kristen - More new portraits of Kristen from the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Press Conference. 
Portraits of Kristen - HQ portraits of Kristen from the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Press Conference. 
Portraits from the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Press Conference - HQ portraits of Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Bill Condon.

TV Appearances

Conan O'Brien
Kristen on Conan - Full Interview and picture of Kristen from Conan

Jimmy Fallon
Fan Pic of Kristen - Fan picture of Kristen from Jimmy Fallon
Kristen on Jimmy Fallon - Full interview & HQ pics.
Rob on Jimmy Fallon - Full interview & HQ pics.

Kelly & Michael
Kristen on Live with Kelly & Michael - Full interview & fan pics.
Rob on Live with Kelly & Michael - Full interview, HQ pics, fan pics & video of Rob signing & some screencaps.

The Today Show
Kristen on The Today Show - Full interview, HQ pics, fan videos & some screencaps.
Rob on The Today Show - Full interview, video of Rob signing, HQ pics, fan pics & screencaps.

The Ellen Show
Stills of Rob & Taylor on Ellen - New HQ/MQ stills of Rob & Taylor on Ellen.
Rob and Taylor on Ellen - Clips of Rob and Taylor's full interview on Ellen & HQ Still.
Rob & Taylor taping Ellen - Screencaps of Ellen's webcams of Rob and Taylor on stage and backstage of The Ellen Show

Jimmy Kimmel
Rob on Jimmy Kimmel & Kristen Visiting Him - Full interview, video of Rob backstage, HQ pics of Rob arriving, leaving & Kristen leaving & fan videos of Rob & Kristen outside.

Jay Leno
Kristen on Jay Leno - Full interview & HQ Pics from the show

LA Press Conference

Master Post - HQ pictures, fan pictures, videos & full transcript of both Rob and Kristen's press conferences + other cast members mentioning Rob & Kristen
Fan Pics - Over 90 fan pictures of Rob at the 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Press Conference
Rob's Full Press Conference - Rob's Full 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' LA Press Conference in HD
Kristen's Full Press Conference - Kristen's Full 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' LA Press Conference in HD
Kristen Answers Fan Questions

LA Press Junket Interviews

Reuters - Print interview
Windy City Live - Rob talks about his ideas if there were to be a sequel, why vampires make good dads, working with kids and being a godparent to a few.
The San Francisco Chronicle - Print interview: Talks about filming all Twilight movies.
Cinescape - Rob talks about Edward, promo and his next projects: The Rover with Guy Pearce, Hold On To Me with Carey Mulligan and Maps to the Stars with 
Rachel Weisz and Cronenberg. Says he's focusing on supporting roles.
RTL (Belgium) - Rob about his first Comic Con.
TVN (Poland) - Rob being cute with his e-cig. Says a few words in Polish. Talks about Edward, working with kids, filming love scenes and being famous.
Washington Post - Print interview: Rob talks Twilight, his relationship with Kristen, skateboarding and Star Wars.
VH1 - Rob talks about showing Twilight to his kids one day and what he learned playing Edward

TV (Poland)
Monsieur Hollywood
TV Guide
Rotten Tomatoes
LA Times
Canal+ (France)
The Philippines Daily Inquirer
LA Times - Print Interview: Kristen talks about moving on, playing a vampire, using a robotic doll, Stephanie Meyer praises Kristen & a new picture of Kristen and Stephanie. 
THR - Kristen talks about the possibility of a SWATH sequel.
Screenslam - Kristen talks about playing 'Bella' for 5 years, BD2 & Getting new roles.
MTV - Kristen talks about who would win in a TwiFight
VH1 - Kristen talks her mother inspiration coming from caring for her dogs.

NEW StarXTreme
NEW Global TV Calgary
NEW Global Montreal
CTV Montreal
Movies with Maria
Much Music NML
Rotten Tomatoes
Rusty Gatenby
Alicia Malone
Telemundo 52
Today Online
CBS San Francisco
GO - Rob, Kristen and Taylor talk who is the best Lego builder, who would be the best president, best one to babysit and more. - Rob talks about acting, always second guessing himself and how his life changed after Twilight.
Manny the Movie Guy - Rob talks about the last scene he shot, vampire Bella and more.
EuroNews - Rob talks about having something new to work with in the last movie
IGN - Rob talks about how hw tried to play a dark Edward and no one let him and fans teaching him gestures that Edward makes
Washington Post - Print interview: Rob, Kristen and Bill Condon talk fame.
Buzzine - Rob talks about never imagining that E/B would have a kid, how Edward changes throughout the series, how he changed and future projects
Movie Tickets - Rob talks about Bella always saving Edward, Renesmee and his last day filming Breaking Dawn
Fandango - Rob talks about working with Mackenzie Foy.
Fox2Detroit - What advice he would give to himself 5 years ago, how Twilight changed his life, 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'.
Allociné - Rob compares Twilight and Breaking Dawn - Part 2.
Korean TV - Rob talks his favorite scene and being an actor.
Warner Cable - Rob talks about his last day on set, the battle scene, what advide he would give to himself 5 years ago
AMC Theatres - Rob talks about Edward, 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' and finishing the saga.
Popcorn Biz - If Twilight had a yearbook, what award would Taylor get?
M6 (France)
Canal 13 (Argentina) - Rob talks about the message of love and happy endings in the movies and real life.
Coming Soon | More - Rob talks about what he will/won't miss from the Twilight experience and Edward's evolution.
StarTalk | More Rob talks about one day working with Kristen again and filming in the Philippines.
RTL Radio (France) - Audio interview - Rob talks about his feelins over the saga ending and how he deals with the scrutiny surrounding his life.
Preview of TV Guide - 
Scoop with Raya - Rob talks about how Twilight changed his life, saying goodbye to the saga and his new projects: The Rover, Hold On To Me, Queen of the Desert and Maps to the Stars.
The Philippine Star - Print interview: Rob talks about his Twilight audition, working with Kristen again, his favorite scenes and more.
Antenna 3
Allocine - Rob compares Twilight and Breaking Dawn - Part 2.
Kristen talks about her sexy face in the sex scene
MTV Rough Cut - Rob talks his first day on the Twilight set, MTV Movie Awards, music, going to Prince's concert, The Rover and Mission: Blacklist.
Kristen talks about the first day of Twilight, jokes about Kellan being an asshole, MMA moment dropping her Popcorn Award, Twilight dreams meeting Jen Lawrence & Emma Watson.
Hollywood .com - Rob talks about the sex scenes in BD1 and BD2, he's proud of giving ideas on how to film the scenes, favorite part of being a vampire.
On the Red Carpet - Kristen talks about Bella living in a different Forks world, being satisfied with the ending.
MySpace - Rob, Kristen and the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Cast Play "Who’s More Likely To…”.
ET Canada - Rob talks about Edward and how things change after vampire Bella
MTV After Hours - Rob, Kristen and the BD2 Cast play the Yes/No game
Movie Feuds - Rob talks about playing a father, working with kids, filming the battle scene, working with Bill, filming the first movie and his favorite scene.
Kristen talks about Bella as a strong character/woman and what it means for Kristen to be a strong woman.
eTalk - Rob says he doesn't want to stop his life at this point and he and Kristen comment on how good it is to have someone who understands what they go through. Rob talks saying goodbye to Twilight, living in Hollywood and being absolutely adorable at the end
Kristen talks about whether she would want to stay this age forever.
Fox5 Vegas - Rob says it's scary to see how people go crazy with fame. Michael 
Sheen comments on Rob and Kristen's level of fame
Kristen jokes about wanting more attention regarding fame.
Kevin McCarthy - Rob is asked about what other famous cast would interact with the Twilight one, what would happen to Edward if he met another famous vampires, nervous about shooting the scene where Bella dies.
Full Access Hollywood - 
AP - Rob says it hasnt really him that it's the last time he'll talk about Twilight and what he likes about 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'.
Tribute Movies - Rob says he's waiting to see the movie at the premiere with the fans, most memorable thing about Twilight, bonding with the cast, Kristen as a vampire and sends a sweet message to fans.
Kristen talks about what it felt like playing a vamp, never saying goodbye to Bella story being finished, being nostalgic about first movie and has a message for fans.
Ten News (Australia) - Rob jokes he's tired of being asked about how does it feel that Twilight is ending, that Kristen used to complain about the contacts and that it was easier to shoot the vampire sex scene and about going to Australia for The Rover.
Kristen mentions wearing different contacts in the series and how the vamp ones were.
The Hot Hits (Australia) - Rob talks about how at first he didn't relate to Edward, but related to his ideas of love being dangerous - he used to think like that when younger.
Kristen explains the power of a women's strength of character and power of being an independent woman. 
Sunrise (Australia) - Rob talks about the ending of Twilight.
Kristen talks about vampire qualities.
The Today Show (Australia) - Rob talks about Kristen finally playing a vampire and Mackenzie.
Kristen talks about itching to play VampBella.
Channel M6 - Rob talks about the end of The Twilight Saga and his future projects.
Kristen talks about finally becoming a vampire and the end of the movie.
Jeanne Wolf's Hollywood - Rob says he couldn't take Kristen seriously when she was focused filming action scenes, talks about how E/B relationship changes with a child and how he hopes he won't be a vampire forever.
Kristen talks about finally getting to do some action, Bella being the coolest 
vampire, the ending of the movie, taking Bella's rings and Jodie Foster.
Talking Pictures - Rob says he's trying to get some stuff together as a producer, blames his dad for a phobia of brushing his hair, talks about saying goodbye to Edward and a busy 2013.
Kristen talks about leaving Bella behind and the possibility of running into the crew on other movies.
Showbiz411 - Rob and Kristen talk about the end of Twilight.
Chris Van Vliet - Rob talks about how many times he watched the movies, if he would be a great or bad parent, why vampires need cars and leaving Edward behind.
Kristen talks about which version of Bella she relates to the most, leaving Bella behind, playing a mother and the swear jar.
Hitfix - Rob says he's not nostalgic about Twilight yet, Edward and the fear of what to do next.
Kristen talks about wailing on Taylor, Bella's new posture and movement, a mother protecting her child and Mackenzie.
Jake the Movie Guy - Rob talks about what he would say to himself at the first Twilight junket, what he would say to his grandkids about Twilight, the biggest misunderstanding about him and how would what would happen after the last movie.
Kristen talks about who she can ass kick and who she feels protective of. 
Clevver TV - Rob talks the first kissing scene, the last sex scene and One Direction.
Kristen talks about the reveal of VampBella, special effects, and her favourite scene from the final movie
Reelz - Rob jokes about sexy faces into the camera while filming love scenes.
Kristen loved punching Jacob in the face.
E! News | More - Rob talks about wanting to do Twilight because of Kristen and Catherine, sex scenes and paparazzi. 
Kristen talks about working with Rob and vampire sex scenes.
Yahoo! Movies | More | MoreRob and Kristen talk about wanting to work together again, Rob talks about what would he say now to himself 5 years ago.
Brooke Anderson/The Insider - Rob and Kristen talk about where they will be in 10 years. 
Rob talks about Dior deal, mentions his 'scent' and his verbal vomit.
Kristen says you should embrace your fears.
EXTRA | More - Rob talks about movie he watched the most, song stuck in his head, love scenes, Halloween and the end of the saga.
Kristen talks about Twilight love scenes, song stuck in her head, 'Twilightland' and the 'Breaking Dawn' plot twists. 
Black Tree TV - Rob talks about almost getting fired in the first movie, his favorite moment in the saga, filming the last scene and his favourite movie.
Kristen talks about Jodie Foster, saying bye to Twilight being proud of it, filming the last scene and her favourite movie.
Access Hollyood - Rob describes the saga in one word, how does it feel now that Twilight is ending, what does he fear and he says he never paid Mackenzie's swear jar.
Kristen talks about paying a mom, Mackenzie Foy, sexy vampire Bella, the end of the saga and life after Twilight DL link
ET - Videos + Pictures - Rob, Kristen and Taylor talks about the end of the saga, compare Twilight with Breaking Dawn - Part 2 and sex scenes + DL link

MTV First

MTV First: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Videos, pictures, screencaps, DL link of Rob, Kristen and Taylor's interview with MTV + ZIP file to download screencaps


Rob & Kristen Leaving LA - HQ pics of Rob & Kristen leaving LA on a private jet.
Pics of Kristen arriving at the NBC Studio - HQ pics of Kristen arriving at the NBC Studios ahead of her appearance on Jay Leno
Pics of Kristen Doing Press - Pics of Kristen posing for the press on the second day of LA press junkets
Pics from the Press Junket - Pics of Kristen from the second day of LA press junket interviews
Pics from the Press Junket - Pics of Rob & Kristen from the LA press junket interviews

Sydney Promo

Fan Event/Photocall

Master Post - HQ pics, fan pics & tweets from the Sydney fan event & ZIP file
More HQ Pics from Fan Event - More new HQ pics of Rob from the Sydney fan event & ZIP file
Photocall - HQ Portraits of Rob from the Sydney photocall & ZIP files
More Pics from the Sydney Photocall - More portraits of Rob from the photocall
Fan Pics + Fan Videos - Fan pics, short fan video of the Q&A & red carpet fan videos & ZIP file


Movie Juice
Studio 3
The Hype - Rob Talks BD2, Twilight's success, method acting and Twilight tattoos
Ten News 1 | 2 - Rob talks BD2. 'toy cigarette' & screaming fans | Rob talks about Mackenzie, fans, The Rover, social media
MTV Australia 1 | 2 Rob talks Breaking Dawn - Part 2, The Rover, fight scenes and Kristen as a vampire 
The Fix - Rob talks "vampire diet", playing a dad, 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2'
The Today Show - Rob talks about the end of Twilight, how it changed his life and keeping his private life private
Kyle and Jackie O - Rob talks about the end of Twilight, the cast, most challenging scene, movie that made him cry, The Rover & more
Fitzy & Wippa - Rob talks about doing sex faces during the BD sex scene, saying goodbye to Edward, The Rover & more
Sunrise - Rob talks about the last day of filming, doing promo, The Rover & more
Sky News Australia - Rob talks about how Australians are really fit & red carpet footage from the fan event
The Project - Rob talks doinf his own stunts, contact lenses, life after Twilight, how public his life is
Ant & Sami Lukis - Rob talks skinny jeans, BD2, Mackenzie and more
Sydney Morning Herald - Rob talks about the nickname 'RPattz', the media & more
MTV Australia - Rob talks BD2, fight scenes, The Rover and Kristen as a vampire
The Herald Sun - Rob talks about a Twilight spin-off


Rob Arriving in Sydney - Pics & video of Rob arriving in Sydney
Rob Leaving Sydney - Pics & video of Rob leaving Sydney

Japan Promo

Fan Event

Master Post - HQ pics, large pics, fan pics & videos

TV Appearances/Interviews

Sukkiri - Kristen talks about being jet-lagged, her dogs, cooking & more


Kristen Arriving in Tokyo - Pics of Kristen arriving in Tokyo
Kristen Leaving Tokyo - Pics of Kristen leaving Tokyo

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