Thursday, September 13, 2012

"On the Road" Toronto Promo - Sticky Post

All Updates from "On the Road" Toronto Promo

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"On the Road" Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival

Master Post 1 - HQ pictures, Twitter pictures and videos
Master Post 2 - 231 HQ pictures, Q&A pics, 2 full Q&A videos & ZIP files to download the HQ pics.
Fan Picture - Picture of Kristen with a fan at the premiere 
Fan Picture - Another fan picture of Kristen from the premiere
Fan Pictures & Video - Fan pictures and a video of Kristen at the premiere
More Fan Pictures - More fan pictures of Kristen at the premiere
More Fan Pictures - More fan pictures of Kristen at the premiere
Fan Video - Fan Video of Kristen at the 'OTR' TIFF premiere
Q&A Fan Videos - 2 fan videos of the Q&A inside the theatre

Interviews from the Premiere

Interview Master Post 1 - CityTV/ET Online/Access Hollywood/The Canadian Press/Screenslam/Yahoo/MTV
Interview Master Post 2 - Popsugar/Associated Press/Extra TV/Showbiz 411/Red Carpet Diaries/Getty
CBC Interview Kristen and Garrett talk about translating the story so that it resignates with the their generation, nudity & more

"On the Road" Toronto Press Junket
DP/30 - Kristen, Garrett and Walter talk about the original characters, bootcamp, research & more
MTV Full Interview Kristen talks about not smoking, road trips, next projects & more + download link
Movieline - Part 2 Kristen talks about choosing who she surrounds herself with, Marylou, what doing the movie has taught her & more
Access Hollywood Kristen and Garrett talks about the premiere at TIFF, preparing for roles that can be physical and emotional & more.
ExtraTV Kristen and Garrett talk about being pushed more, their characters & more 
The Hollywood Reporter Kristen and Garrett talk about getting into acting, OTR, Walter Salles, bootcamp & more
Canada AM - Kristen and Garrett talk about researching for the movie, Walter Salles & more
Cineplex - Kristen and Garrett talk about improvising, meeting the family members of the characters & more
Movieline Kristen talks about the real-life Marylou and Dean, the message behind the movie & more
ET Canada Uncut - Kristen and Garrett talk about the amount of time its taken to get the movie made, the scene in the front of the car & more
Vanity Fair Kristen and Garrett talk about being at TIFF, reading the book in Freshman Year & playing the role of Marylou and Dean
Instyle - Kristen talks about 'OTR' costume designer, Danny Glicker
MTV - Kristen talks about being at TIFF, the director Walter Salles & more + download link
USA Today Kristen talks about reading the book for the first time, what she would have done in the movie, love scenes & more
Ottawa Citizen - Kristen and Garrett talk about the long road it has taken for the book to get made, the expression of youth & more
MSN Canada  Kristen and Garrett talk about being pushed, playing their characters, the real-life characters & more
The Washington Post Kristen talks about Cannes, the OTR TIFF premiere, BD promo with Rob & more
Pictures Pictures of Kristen from the Press Junket - September 8th
Toronto Star Kristen talks about reading the book when she was 15 and the effect it had on her & more
Now Toronto - Kristen and Garrett talk about being true to how the book feels, Joan Jett & more
Marie Claire Kristen talks about adapting the Jack Kerouac novel into a movie & more
Leader Post Kristen and Garrett talk about the time era between then and now
eTalk Kristen and Garrett talks about preparing for the roles, society, qualities of the characters & more
ET Canada Krisen and Garrett talks about sex scenes, dancing, fame in Montreal & more
City TV - Kristen and Garrett talk about the pressure to turn the book into the movie, dancing, sex scenes, driving in the movie & more
The Globe and Mail - Kristen talks about books, her favourite male writers, Walter Salles & more - Kristen and Garrett talk about preparing for the movie, chemistry & more
Metro - Kristen talks about the pressure to take on the role, how the book is relevant & more

People Talking About Kristen

The Hollywood Reporter - Walter Salles talks to 'The Hollywood Reporter' About Kristen


Kristen Arriving at Soho House on September 8th - Pictures of Kristen arriving at Soho House for the after of the movie 'Silver Linings Playbook'
Kristen Leaving a Restaurant on September 6th - Tagged & HQ Pictures of Kristen leaving George restaurant after the premiere of "On the Road"


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  3. I'm so proud of kristen for being strong,confident,beautiful,amazing and she hadle properly her first red carpect after all that she's been through.I love this girl very much and I'm so sad sometimes that some people are vile,hateful,mean and desrespect her.I wish they stop doing that to her and learn to appreciate,respect and love her.She is amazing,passionate,beautiful,smart,strong,honest,humble,courageous,lovely,hardworking,gorgeous,real beauty and talent,unique.

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